What We Do

Open Access

Ensuring data collected over the past decades are discoverable, accessible, and understandable to other researchers.

Interdisciplinary Science

Allowing for complex scientific data to be understood and used by non-specialists to do large scale, temporally deep interdisciplinary analysis.

Linking Data

Linking Interdisciplinary Datasets from Archaeology, Paleoecology, Climate Science, History, and Literature to Enable Discovery, Access, and Reuse.

Our Work

DataARC is producing online tools and infrastructure to enable researchers from a broad range of disciplines to study the long-term human ecodynamics of the North Atlantic, including Iceland, Greenland, and the Orkney Islands. Climate and environments in the North Atlantic are changing rapidly and unpredictably, and local northern residents are being forced to adapt in many different ways. Data from archaeology, historic documents, climate science, and the humanities in the North Atlantic indicate that this is not the first time humans in the region of the world have faced this challenge. Research on the interactions between Arctic environments and people requires linking data from thousands of square miles, hundreds of years, and multiple disciplines, from climatology to archaeology, from the humanities to paleoecology in order to truly understand these complex interactions. Datasets exist to be able to address these questions, but it remains difficult to discover these data, make them interoperable, formalize conceptual relationships among them, and analyze and visualize them in new and meaningful ways. Investing in comprehensive online cyberinfrastructure provides the opportunity to link collaborators and data from the natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, resulting in the opportunity for a holistic approach to understanding the rapid social and environmental changes that occurred in the past and for the creation of digital tools for expanded capacity to engage other users, including students and Indigenous northern communities.


The dataARC search tool is designed to enable and encourage exploration of the diverse data which inform us about the shaping of the landscapes of the North Atlantic through human - environment interactions.  Click on the image below to access the search tool.