Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Scope Notes for concepts?

The Scope Notes are in a this GitHub Repository. You can learn more about the Scope Notes here and contributing to Scope Notes here.

How do I download my query from the dataARC Search Tool?

You will find instructions on downloading filtered data here.

Does dataARC have an API?

Yes! Visit the API documentation page and review Tip #4 to learn more!

Can a concept be added to dataARC?

The ontology adopted by the dataARC project around the central concept of the "changing landscape" is intended to remain constant so that modifications to the ontology made after original mappings between concepts and datasets may not be impacted by future development. Learn more about the dataARC concepts and ontology here.

How can I contribute my data?

Visit our Contributor's Toolbox page to get started with contributing a dataset.

Can I contribute combinators?

There may be significant combinators that the dataARC Team has missed, and community contributions are welcome to help close those gaps. Please request to become a contributor by filling out this form. You can add combinators directly to the dataARC Search Tool by following these instructions.

You may also find the dataARC Ecosystem Explorer helpful in this process.