About the Project

The dataARC project is producing online tools and infrastructure to support interdisciplinary approaches to human ecodynamics in the North Atlantic context. The aim of the project is to transform the discoverability and utility of data collected over multiple decades by researchers across disciplines with an interest in this broad domain. Climate and environments in the North Atlantic are changing rapidly and unpredictably, and local northern residents are being forced to adapt in diverse ways. Data from archaeology, historic documents, climate science, and the humanities in the North Atlantic, brought together, provide critical insights into the long-term context of the changes we see taking place today and the contemporary challenges of these communities. Working towards a more holistic understanding of the long-term and present-day dynamics of this region requires linking not only datasets but the broader domain knowledge and conceptual models developed by multiple disciplines, from climatology to archaeology to the humanities. Investing in shared online cyberinfrastructure provides an opportunity to build and reinforce these links.


The construction of this linked and distributed cyberinfrastructure will provide a unique opportunity to conduct genuinely transformative, collaborative research to connect natural science, social science, environmental humanities, Indigenous knowledge, and innovative data practices in order to address the cultural and environmental drivers of the long-term human ecodynamics of this region. Investing in comprehensive online cyberinfrastructure provides the opportunity to link collaborators and data from the natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, resulting in the opportunity for a holistic approach to understand the rapid social and environmental changes that occurred in the past and for the creation of digital tools for expanded capacity to engage other users, including students and Indigenous northern communities.