Contribute a Dataset

Contributing datasets to the DataArc Ecosystem
We welcome researchers and teams who are interested in participating in the dataARC Ecosystem with us! DataARC contains datasets of all sizes, created by researchers at all career stages, studying a wide variety of disciplines. Any researchers who have datasets relevant to human-environment dynamics in the North Atlantic are encouraged to get in touch about how we can integrate their work into the search tool.
Our greatest aspiration is to maintain the DataARC Ecosystem as an infrastructure that connects datasets across domains. Potential contributors should expect to make their data more 'findable' and 'interoperable', as defined in the FAIR principles for scientific data management and stewardship, in the process of adding it to DataARC.
Contributors should note that dataArc is not an archival repository and cannot guarantee the long-term maintenance of data. Data contributors are encouraged to archive their data with an appropriate institutional or domain repository or a cross-domain repository such as zenodo in parallel to contributing it to dataArc.