Contribute a Dataset

Contributing datasets to the DataArc Ecosystem
Individual researchers, research project teams, and managers of community infrastructures are welcome to contribute datasets relevant to the broad domain of human-environment dynamics in the North Atlantic. DataArc contains datasets of all sizes, from small collections of data assembled through Masters and Doctoral research projects (whales, cairns) through to large data collections generated by research infrastructures (SEAD). DataArc focuses on the 'findable' and 'interoperable' aspects of FAIR data principles and provides an infrastructure that connects datasets across domains. Data contributors should note that dataArc is not an archival repository. The infrastructure stores copies of datasets and metadata on its github, but this is not an archival solution and does not guarantee the long-term maintenance of the data. Data contributors are encouraged to archive their data with an appropriate institutional or domain repository or a cross-domain repository such as zenodo in parallel to contributing it to dataArc.  Contribute your own dataset.