Topic Modeling of Selected NABO Project Reports

Principle author:  NABO
Additional contributors:  Pablo Barruezo Vaquero
Contributing institution:  University of Glasgow
Publisher: The dataARC Project/NABO
Date Created Begin:  May 2, 2019
Date Created End:  November 15, 2019
Spatial Coverage: Iceland
Temporal Coverage:  Early Viking Period to Modern Period
Subject List (FISH Vocabularies): Archaeological Objects:  Spade, Turf Cutter, Fish Hook, Column, Water Pipe (Architectural), Post, Wall, Ceramic, Case (Pipe), Shoe Iron, Pipe (Smoking), Clay Pipe (Smoking), Comb, Jewelry, Bead, Pendant, Animal Remains, Butchered Animal Remains, Invertebrate Remains, Insect Remains, Vertebrate Remains, Bird Remains, Egg Shell, Fish Remains, Human Remains, Mammal Remains, Small Mammal Remains, Deposit, Agricultural Deposit, Alluvium, Ash, Tephra, Lacustrine Deposit, Marine Deposit, Peat, Waste Deposit, Food Residue, Organic Material, Residue, Plant Remains, Pollen, Sample, Waterlogged Sample, Slag, Metal Working Debris, Waste, Quern, Boundary Marker, Property Marker, Whetstone, Assemblage, Worked Object; Archaeological Sciences:  Human Aspects, Manufacturing Debris, Worked, Spot Test, Tephrochronology, Archaeobotany, Palaeoentomology, Palaeoenvironmental Analysis, Palynology, Stratigraphic Description, Zooarchaeology, Bone, Egg Shell, Estuarine Deposit, Metal, Ferrous Metal, Pollen, Pottery, Residue, Slag, Wood, Charcoal, Flotation, Hand Retrieval, Specialist Sampling, Burnt; Events:  Test Pit Trial Trench, Excavation, Research Excavation, Environmental Sampling, Core Sampling, Documentary Research, Historic Landscape Characterisation, Historic Seascape Characterisation, Aerial Photography, Conventional Aerial Photography, Survey, Building Survey, Buildings Recording And Investigation, Photographic Recording, Topographic Survey; Historic CharacterizationMarsh, Creek, Lagoon, Lake, Palaeolandscape Component, Wetland, Anciently Enclosed Land, Field System, Infields, Smallholding, House, Farmstead, Hamlet, Agricultural Hamlet, Village.
Relation:  NABO
Format:  GeoJSON, CSV, jSON
Type: Dataset and collection
Creative Commons Licensing: CC BY

Collection method(s):  Digitization, Reusing and Mixing
Objects/samples collected:  Archaeological reports: bones samples, smithy activity, landscape management, built environment, ecological area, changing landscape, farming, social hierarchy, economic exploitation, hunting-gathering, fishing, exchange
Why are you collecting this data/overall objective?:  Enhancing our narratives about past human ecodynamics. This might help us in the present to understand current problems and to, potentially, shed light on how to solve them. This knowledge, and the data upon which the narrative is built, should be publicly available, for the academic and non-academic audiences.
How will you use this data?:  It will be mapped within an interdisciplinary computational ontology that has been brought to life by the dataARC Project. This data will be interlinked in the ontology with data from other contributors.

Important points of interest within data:  The complexity of untangling past human-nature interactions in a comprehensible fashion.  Be cautious if you start thinking about data - it can be an interesting, addicting, hobby!

Publications:  None yet.

Description:  The NABO Project Reports encompasses the description and data from eight different archaeological excavations of a single site: Skútustaðir, in Mývatn (North-East Iceland). The research project was carried out following a long-durèe approach (focus on multiple periods instead of fixation over one chronological period). This approach allowed us to have a fair knowledge about the area surrounding this farm, from the Early Viking Period to Modern times. The reports detail information related to human ecodynamics - i.e. the relationship between humans and nature. Topics discussed in them are the transformation of the landscape over time for different socioeconomic reasons; human occupation and abandonment of the farm or surrounding areas; the use and management of different natural resources; consumption and production patterns; trade and exchange dynamics.

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Data provided byThe University of Glasgow