Regional Paleoclimate Models

Principle author:  Willem Koster
Additional contributors:  NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), Richard Streeter
Contributing institution: University of St. Andrews
Publisher:  University of St. Andrews
Date Created Begin:  September 1, 2020
Date Created End:  Ongoing
Spatial Coverage:  Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands
Temporal Coverage : 13,500 BCE - present
Subject List (FISH Vocabularies): Archaeological Objects: Tephra; Archaeological Sciences: Radiocarbon Dating, Tephrochronology, Specialist Sampling, Foraminifera Analysis, Diatom Analysis; Events: Tephra, Core sampling; Historic Characterization: N/A
Relation:  Database_link1 in the Excel file
Format: CSV, TXT, jSON
Type: Collection
Creative Commons Licensing: CC BY-NC-ND

Collection method(s):  Gathering data through the use of other databases
Objects/samples collected:
Why are you collecting this data/overall objective?:  People may want to compare their findings to the climate signals of the time
How will you use this data?:  Collating data for others to use.

Important points of interest within data:  None listed.

Publications:  None at this time.

Description: The Regional Paleoclimate Models dataset is a collection of data from climate studies in the North Atlantic. Temperature reconstructions or ice sheet reconstructions are present. This database does not hold any data, rather, it contains important information about the studies and links to the actual data

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Data provided by

The University of St Andrews